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At Silsden All Stars we have many aims and ambitions for our troupe.Our basic aim is to provideyoung people (or old if they so wish!) with a confidence boosting interest which promotesteamwork, fitness, commitment and discipline.

The organisation that we are members of arrange approximately 25 competitions per year whichtake place at schools, sports clubs and carnivals all over Merseyside, Manchester, Yorkshire,Wales and beyond, culminating in an End of Season Championships weekend at Pontins,Prestatyn.

Being a majorette requires skill in twirling, dancing and marching.In competition teams aremarked down if moves are out of time, if lines aren’t straight and if knee heights vary whenmarching.But all of these things can be taught and practised, and we have had many membersin the past who have had little ability in these areas on first joining us, but who have become keyteam members a year or two down the line.Therefore the most valuable attributes for anyonewanting to bea good majorette are a positive attitude, determination and most importantly, beingprepared to work hard.We are always looking for new girl and boys to join us, so if this sounds up your street, come inand have a word with us.


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All Stars 18:00 – 20:30 Tuesday
All Stars 18:00 – 20:30 Friday

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If you wish to learn more about the classes offered by the Silsden All Stars, feel free to get in contact. Ask us about our classes, the times and we will get back to you with more information.

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