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Terms & Conditions of Payment & Hire

Terms and Conditions for Hire & Payments

Reading and accepting this information forms part of your “Application to Hire” agreement.


It is your responsibility to read and accept the information provided.


Under normal circumstances provisional bookings must be made at least two weeks before the event date.  From the date of your pencilled booking being entered in the diary and an application form being requested you have, unless by special arrangement with the Booking Officer, 7 days to return your application form.  If after this period you have not returned your form the dates will be made available to other interested hirers.  No booking is considered confirmed and accepted until your booking form has been formally acknowledged by the Booking Officer.  A booking may be denied if the application form does not reach us by two weeks prior to the event date.  Where late bookings have been administered the appropriate staff-time may be recharged to the hire.  Once a booking has been confirmed it is the hirer’s responsibility to contact the booking officer to discuss and confirm your final arrangements and details.


The hirer of the hall/room must be made aware by the duty member of staff the following criteria either prior or during the booking (block). The hirer has a shared responsibility for ensuring the safety of the group/individuals in his /her charge.

The member of staff will:

  • Show the hirer the fire escape routes
  • Discuss any special needs for persons with disabilities and conduct a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) with the person(s) in question
  • Share the Risk Assessment(s) with the hirer and the person with the disability.
  • Take charge of the evacuation procedure


Please be advised to contact the Booking Officer to discuss the hire fees and charges. We can give quotations for your event including the hourly rate of charge and associated costs.

  • This contract is the grant of a licence to occupy the hall
  • Hire charges and associated costs are expected to rise in line with CPI rates in April of each year. This must be taken into consideration when enquiries have been made in the year previous to the event date/s
  • There is a standard scale of charge applicable to all parties wishing to hire the room(s)
  • The charges made to you will be based on the hours, requirements and facilities used on the date/s of hire. These may vary from your original application details
  • The minimum hire period is 1 hour at “full event rate”. All charges are invoiced in blocks of 15 minutes after the minimum 1 hr hire period
  • In addition to the hourly rate of hire if additional duty staff required you will be charged for this cost.
  • The room hire charge is inclusive of Performing Right Society licence costs where required.


For one off events, in order for an application to be accepted full payment should be made in advance in order. Your invoice will be prepared on the information – times you give on the application to hire form. Should additional time or facilities be required on the day you will be sent an additional invoice for these costs.

Regular Town Hall user groups will be invoiced at the end of every calendar month.

In either case the amount due is payable within 14 days of the invoice date. Information on ways to pay is on the invoice ie Cheques should be made payable to The Friends of Silsden Town Hall and be sent to:-

The Treasurer

Silsden Town Hall
BD20 0AJ

or payment can be made by BACS to

Account Name: Friends of Silsden Town Hall

Bank: The Cooperative Bank

Sort Code: 08 92 99

Account Number: 65847567


In the event of cancellation by the hirer between twelve and two weeks prior to the event, 50% of the hire fee is payable. In the event of the cancellation by the hirer within two weeks of the event, the full hire fee is payable.  Cancellation must be requested in writing.


The provision of one duty member of staff is included in your hourly hire charge.  It is a condition of your hire that this member of staff is on the premises whenever the venue is occupied by yourself or anyone relevant to your event.  The employment of all other staff for your event will be recharged to you. One additional staff member must be hired for any event that involves the occupation of the upper level rooms or when deemed appropriate by the Booking Officer/Operations Manager.   Any additional staff deemed necessary by the Booking Officer/Operations Manager to attend the event will be recharged to the hirer.


  • Silsden Town Hall is a licensed premise and can provide a bar serving alcoholic drinks on request.
  • Any profits made on the bar are for the benefit of the Town Hall only.
  • Under the terms of the licence, hirers are not permitted to supply and consume their own drinks.


Any technical requirements must be indicated on the “Booking” form and submitted with your application.  Failure to answer any part of this form may result in a time delay and inconvenience.  It is the hirer’s responsibility to contact the Operations Manager 07831 455258 to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in detail.  This must be done approximately four to six weeks prior to your event.


If your event requires children under the age of 16 years to be on stage you must comply with the relevant Child Welfare Legislation and submit copies of all child/chaperone registration and license documents to the Operations Manager at your Production Meeting or as soon as possible before your event takes place.  If this policy is not adhered to, the Operations Manager, on behalf of the Silsden Town Hall Trustees, reserves the right to stop the event.  If this happens, the Silsden Town Hall Trustees will not be held liable for any refunds to either the hirer or individual patrons attending the event.

Contact information for registration and license documents:
Tara Watson – 01274 437607
Or ask for Child Licensing Department, Bradford Council Switchboard 01274 432111


  • NO SMOKING To comply with legislation all the Town Hall is a non-smoking establishment. No person is allowed to smoke on the premises.
  • NO NAKED FLAMES No candles, tea-lights or naked flames may be lit on the premises.
  • NOISE ABATEMENT POLICY Amplified music must be kept to a maximum of 100 decibels. Decibel readings may be taken during your event.  If the Operations Manager requests that the volume be reduced (either to meet the 100 decibel output or below the 100 decibel output due to concerns raised) this must be acknowledged by the hirer or hirer’s representative present.  If the request to reduce sound levels is not adhered to then the Management reserve the right to stop the event via any means necessary.  If this occurs the Friends of Silsden Town Hall will not be held liable for any refunds to either the hirer or individual patrons attending the event.
  • NO ANIMALS No animals may be brought into the Hall without the prior consent of the Operations Manager.
  • REMOVAL OF REFUSE  It is the responsibility of the hirer to remove ALL items of refuse after the event.  If this is not complied with then the hirer will be billed for removal of refuse, including staff time and hire of refuse containers.
  • DAMAGES All damages must be paid for.
  • SUPPLEMENTARY TERMS AND CONDITIONS Whilst every effort has been made to include all eventualities, the Booking Officer reserves the right to enforce supplementary terms and conditions as and when appropriate.
  • ADVERTISING While the Friends of Silsden Town Hall may help to help to promote your event/hire, please be aware that advertising space is NOT guaranteed and the Friends of Silsden Town Hall’s own promotions (and hence the use of the available space) may take precedence before any private hire.
  • We strongly recommend that any caterers or any other goods or service provider view the hall in advance of the hire.


The Management forbid photography during staged performances. If requested please discuss this matter with the Booking Officer.

Video recording within the premises is strictly prohibited unless prior authority has been granted by the Booking Officer. Therefore, where the hirer seeks to record their staged performance a copy of the appropriate MCPS license must be submitted prior to the event.  For more information regarding this please phone the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society on 020 8664 4400.  Where appropriate Child Welfare Legislation must also be considered in this matter.


The Friends of Silsden Town Hall holds no responsibility for the advertising or promoting of your event.  Independently produced publicity material may be displayed in designated areas of the venue building with the Town Hall’s approval.


The Friends of Silsden Town hall subscribe to an annual PRS licence for all performance activities at the Town Hall, the cost of this licence is included in the room charge.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the Booking Officer on Mobile No 07453093827

Document last revised on 18 August 2021